Encrypted end-to-end

All private communications are encrypted end-to-end. This means nobody except you and the recipients can read your messages - not Antem, not your ISP, not your employer. Unlike competitors, this protection even applies to group chats.

Easy to use

Antem's simple, yet familiar, user interface ensures that you will never get lost in the action.

Your privacy, protected

Antem will feature a one-page, visually-aided privacy policy that will clearly lay out exactly what data is used, where it is used, and where it can go.

Find your interests

Antem doesn't use one global network for the entire platform. Instead, multiple networks exist for whatever interests you have. Can't find one? Create your own to start the ball rolling.

Perfect for groups

Thanks to Antem's global network system, groups, clubs, organizations, and companies can easily create their own networks with public and private rooms.

Found something we don't have? We have that too.

I get it. Life isn't about texting. However, with Antem, you can bring your life to your texting with extensions. Extensions enable new types of messages, games, bots, and more. You can even integrate third-party services into Antem. And I don't mean a bot that posts messages in a Slack channel, I mean an extension that shows up with the rest of your threads, and can show you custom messages or even a fully custom UI.

Power users, unite

Antem was born out of not being able to add even the simplest of features to the texting apps I had on my phone. To fix this, Antem can load extensions directly from GitHub, or even from code you paste into the app. These extensions give you freedom to add your own features to Antem.


Antem will feature competitive enterprise features. Plans are in the works, but aren't quite ready to be announced. Follow Antem and stay on the lookout for future announcements.